OODLZ’ proprietary technology platform is built and hosted on Digital Ocean, enabling the use of cloud-based technology for relatively seamless onboarding for Users and integration for Merchant Partners, both online and in-store.

By using the Digital Ocean infrastructure, OODLZ has the ability to ensure technological efficiencies. OODLZ believes that these efficiencies improve its ability to deliver an improved customer experience, while increasing the number of Merchant Partners and Users on the platform.

It is the opinion of management that further investment in OODLZ’ technology platform will enhance functionality and the overall user experience from both a Merchant Partner and User perspective.

The technology platform enables OODLZ to typically directly and quickly integrate into a Merchant Partner’s ecosystem both online and in-store. The onboarding process varies depending on the Merchant Partner capabilities; however, generally takes approximately one week for the in-store offering and approximately two weeks for online.

In each case, there is scope to execute the process more quickly, depending on the technical capabilities and resources of the Merchant Partner. In addition, Users are able to sign up and start shopping through OODLZ in minutes by signing up with an email and mobile number.

Beyond the market-leading core technology offering, OODLZ is also in a position to leverage permissible data generated by both User and Merchant Partners, to significantly increase personalisation for customers and insights for Merchant Partners. This in turn will allow Users and Merchants Partners to increase the value they gain from the platform.

Over time, OODLZ believes that this investment in the scalability of its technology and business model, together with the successful execution of its revenue growth strategies, will position OODLZ to deliver significant operating leverage.

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