Launched in 2022, OODLZ is looking to become the largest Cashback ecosystem worldwide. OODLZ’ mission is to make every purchase generate cashback for its users with brands that they love, while simultaneously supporting Merchant Partners across objectives including driving brand awareness and delivering high margin sales on a pure performance basis.
OODLZ is looking to provide users with a broad array of Cashback offers via over 10,000+ Merchant Partners.
OODLZ is founded on a tri-sided value proposition which delivers mutual value for both Users Merchant Partners and OODLZ. OODLZ connects Users and Merchant Partners through a number of products which aim to drive brand awareness, access to shoppers and promote conversion of shopping intent into transactions. Where a User goes on to transact with a Merchant Partner, that User receives ‘Cashback’. This ‘Cashback’ payment enjoyed by the User represents a share of the Commission OODLZ receives from Merchant Partners for engaging a User to shop with them, which is determined at the discretion of OODLZ. The Merchant Partner does not pay any Commission unless the User shops with them, resulting in purely performance-based fees.
OODLZ is looking to further its value offering by providing Users the opportunity deposit their Cashback into decentralized financial products (DeFi) that enable the Cashback to compound and generate yield.
OODLZ tri-sided value proposition