Competitive Position

As a new entrant to the cashback market, OODLZ has to build a strong competitive position in the cashback sector through its unique selling propositions.

The key barriers to entry into the cashback-to-De-Fi sector include the need to have:

  • the ability to build a tokenized business model from ground up;

  • the investment in technology necessary to support both the scaling of Users and Merchant Partners, as well as fulfilment of OODLZ’ obligations to both.

Loss leading business model: In OODLZ’ view, a key challenge for established and potential entrants to the sector is the challenge to create a hidden revenue generation business model that enables all or most of the Merchant Commissions to be given to Users. Thus enabling an un-matched price advantage to Users.

Investment in technology: Additionally, established and new entrants to the cashback sector would have to invest a significant amount of capital and specialist personnel resources to replicate the technology of a platform like that of OODLZ, which:

  • integrates with merchants to ensure that Users can easily transition from the cashback platform to the merchant’s check-out to complete their purchase;

  • effectively tracks sales generated by the cashback solution for merchants;

  • appropriately protects the security and privacy of customer and merchant data;

  • integrates with third-party and strategic partner applications to provide services to Users and deliver the scale of Merchant Partners in the OODLZ product;

  • soon to enable users to deposit their Cashback into DeFi products that generate yield.

There are businesses that may have current existing critical mass and have the requisite technology; however, in OODLZ’ view there are limited parties that have both, which translates to OODLZ’ strong competitive position in the countries they operate. In additon OODLZ benefits from the brand awareness associated with being the first to market with a Cashback-to-DeFi offering.

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