Roadmap Summary: Build a one-stop-shop for users shopping needs that will provide the maximum available discounts back to the user.


NewChip Accelerator

Sotatek partnership

EnactOn partnership


Incorporate OODLZ

Create revenue model

Q1, 2023

Launch responsive web app

Launch iOS & Android apps

Launch Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browser notifiers

Soft-launch in Australia

Q2, 2023

Create Tokenomics for $OODLZ Token

Tokenomics DAO Tokenomics Audit

Refine business model with revised tokenomics

Finalize all web3 documentation Git-Book

Build AI driven product & content management engine

Q3, 2023

Secure Earn product third party partner

Start Web3 development for Earn product

Finalize in-store UI/UX Fidel

Soft-launch USA and UK

Start capital raise for ICO seed

Launch Earn product (staking products)

Launch & market OODLZ app worldwide

Q4, 2023

ICO marketing

ICO private & pre-sales

Start in-store payment and cashback development

Expand sales and merchant partner resources per country

Secure Web3 based loans (house/car) product third party partner

Launch in-store payments product


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