Our Growth Strategy

The Board and management of OODLZ have significant growth objectives for the business. OODLZ intends to leverage its existing proprietary technology platform, suite of products and User and Merchant Partner base, and investment in awareness and product and technology, to continually scale its operations and increase its relevance for new Users and Merchant Partners in order to drive penetration across its operating markets.

The core objectives across OODLZ’ growth strategies are to grow the number of Active Users and increase the frequency of their purchases with OODLZ’ Merchant Partners thereby growing the number of DeFi users with the OODLZ Earn products. These objectives will translate into increased savings for Users, increased value for Merchant Partners and deliver additional Total Transaction Value on the OODLZ platform and additional revenues for the business.

OODLZ will use the majority of any fund raises to support its growth strategies.

Increasing awareness of and penetration among existing consumers

OODLZ believes there is a significant opportunity to acquire new Users, as well as to increase the usage of OODLZ by its existing Users, through investing in marketing strategies to acquire more Active Users, reactivating inactive Users and increasing the frequency of purchases through OODLZ by Users to support higher User lifetime value. These marketing strategies may also be supplemented through the development of strategic relationships.

OODLZ intends to increase penetration through driving accelerated growth in key operating metrics, being Total Transaction Value, Monthly Active Users, Monthly Active DeFi Users.

OODLZ’ key strategy in acquiring Users will be target existing Cashback Users. OODLZ token will attract a buy and sell tax, as defined in our Tokenomics page in this GitBook of which a percentage of these taxes is allocated to Marketing spend. The more users buy/sell the OODLZ token, the more funds we have to allocate to marketing initiatives.

All marketing spend will be recognised in Cost of Sales in the income statement. Therefore, this will result in a reduction in Gross Profit Margins.

Strategically, OODLZ recognises that Total Transaction Value is a key driver of business performance and is critical in building upon OODLZ’ strong competitive position in the market. A larger User base will support the tri-sided value proposition discussed in previous sections, with Merchant Partners accessing a User base that typically has a greater motivation to spend when offered greater Cashback and ever increasing yields on their Cashback.

Furthermore, accelerating the increase of the User base will naturally enable OODLZ to capitalise on the network effect which underpins the tri-sided value proposition, supporting Merchant Partner growth.

OODLZ’ intention to increase brand awareness is supported by the fact that broader participation in cashback schemes in Australia markedly trails the penetration of comparable schemes operating in other countries, such as the United States of America and United Kingdom.

Given a core feature of OODLZ’ User proposition is to return a percentage of the purchase price in the form of savings, it is also relevant to note research undertaken by Catalyst Research shows 88% of Australian consumers rank ‘value’ as one of their top four most important factors when selecting a brand/retailer. Further, research undertaken by Catalyst Research indicates that only approximately 31% of Australian consumers are aware of cashback programs, demonstrating a broader lack of awareness among Australian consumers. However, according to Catalyst Research, a similar proportion of those Australian consumers have shopped with Australia’s two largest cashback providers, demonstrating the high adoption rate for those customers who are aware and further giving support to our initial marketing strategy.

OODLZ will also invest in targeted offers across owned and paid marketing channels to drive greater engagement among existing Users, translating to increased frequency and reduced inactivity.

Continued product development and innovation

OODLZ will continue to work on developing and refining its core products and undertaking new product innovation to maintain and grow the relevance and attractiveness of the OODLZ ecosystem for Users and Merchant Partners.

OODLZ considers that areas of product innovation will include, (but not be limited to), greater automated personalisation of offers and presentation of offers curated specific to Users’ needs and spending habits. OODLZ believes that providing personalised offers will increase customer engagement, which in turn may result in increased sales and return on marketing spend for Merchant Partners, and increased User lifetime value.

It is OODLZ’ intention to continually improve the sophistication of its personalisation capabilities by using available data based on Users’ engagement with previous personalised offers to further optimise recommendations. Consistent with OODLZ’ Cashback strategy to increase its relevance and direct engagement with Merchant Partners, OODLZ plans to support growth through the functionality of the products it provides Merchant Partners. The OODLZ DeFi strategy will be driven by the block chain network and group of third party blockchain partners OODLZ works with.

Developing Merchant Partner relationships

OODLZ is looking to on-board 10,000 Merchant Partners, approx. 1,500 per operating Country via direct relationships and Affiliate networks. OODLZ plans to continue to expand and deepen relationships with Merchant Partners to:

• give greater coverage and share of consumer spend across all its categories as well as strategically pushing into new categories where it has currently zero or nascent penetration; and

• increasingly partnering with Merchant Partners at a strategic level to drive marketing objectives across brand awareness, increased conversion, customer acquisition, customer retention, re-engagement of lapsed customers and/or amplification of marketing campaigns.

In order to support this increased merchant penetration and deepening relationships, OODLZ intends to expand sales and client services teams. This objective will also be supported by both increased marketing investment alongside Merchant Partners and continued product development and innovation.

Omni-channel integrated capability

OODLZ intends to continue to broaden the value it provides to Merchant Partners through expanding its omni-channel approach by connecting online consumer engagement with in-store activity.

Through using its future Card-linked Offers capabilities and location technologies in the app, OODLZ believes it can work with Merchant Partners to:

• drive specific objectives across a Merchant Partner’s physical network, including increased foot traffic and/or conversion in-store, or supporting increased repeat frequency; and

• support execution on a Merchant Partner’s omni-channel strategy, including delivering offers and promotions simultaneously across physical and digital footprints.

OODLZ believes that this strategy can effectively increase conversion and build repeat customer purchases across a Merchant Partner’s channels.


OODLZ amalgamate and deploy several AI tools to simplify and automate most of the marketing efforts required to drive our short and long term marketing strategies. At this point nothing is defined however OODLZ is committed to a less is more approach and being that we are small and agile, we can build processes ground up using the very latest technologies to assist.

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