Our Culture

Our people

OODLZ is being built on a strong cultural and set of social pillars with the foundation of OODLZ based around ‘giving it all back’.
The entire purpose of a hidden revenue generator profit model is predicated on ensuring all available Cashback is passed back to Users so they can get the very most out of every dollar they spend.
OODLZ considers that its culture and people are among its most valuable assets, and attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talented employees is an ongoing focus for the business.
OODLZ strives to ensure that the experience of its own employees serves as a model of which its founder would be proud. OODLZ’ goal is to create a strong, values-driven and high performing culture that ensures employees are engaged in delivering on their business objectives in a manner that is consistent with OODLZ’ core cultural values.
OODLZ’ key values include:
Customer Obsessed: OODLZ aims to deliver exceptional experiences to Users and Merchant Partners, with a view to adding value in everything it does.
Work to a Greater Cause: Giving back is in OODLZ’ DNA. Allowing Users to get all of the available Cashback is our business and unique business proposition.
Succeed Together: OODLZ is high performing. OODLZ strives for growth, nurtures its potential, empowers its employees to deliver results and celebrates collective success.
Pioneers: OODLZ backs itself and is not afraid to fail. Employees have the courage to challenge the status quo, regardless of job title.
Open and Respectful: OODLZ listens, learns, supports and grows through honest, constructive communication.
OODLZ plans to continue investing in its culture and improving the quality of its talent acquisition.