Our Users

OODLZ launched its web, app and browser extension products on 1st Feb 2023. We look forward to updating this section with monthly user numbers as we gain traction.

OODLZ expects to be able to collect substantial data across key consumer demographics, pertaining to geographic location, average order values, shopping frequency, spend (retailer and in many cases SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)-level data) and categories of interest. OODLZ collects and uses Users data to demonstrate the marketing performance of OODLZ to Merchant Partners. The data is also used to enhance User experience by increasingly powering the curation of targeted offerings and recommendations to ensure greater content relevance for Users, which aims to increase User engagement and increase repeat purchasing via OODLZ. It also enables OODLZ to share insights with Merchant Partners. OODLZ has a significant opportunity to cross-sell across lower penetrated categories to Users it believes will support increased frequency of purchase. In addition, it is the view of OODLZ that even higher penetrated categories, such as marketplace and fashion, are expected to grow in absolute terms.

OODLZ expects the injection of new capital to accelerate User and Active Member growth. OODLZ expects growth in Users through the execution of key growth initiatives discussed the Growth section of this Gitbook.

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