Our Strengths

OODLZ is looking to build a strong position in the Australian, New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK cashback sectors by growing both sides of the OODLZ ecosystem (i.e. both Users and Merchant Partners) and investing significant funds and time to enhance its product offering to meet the evolving demands of both Users and Merchant Partners.

OODLZ’ key strengths include:

A tri-sided value proposition – Both Users and Merchant Partners benefit as Total Transaction Value as the OODLZ ecosystem increases. Users save on their everyday purchases while Merchant Partners have the potential to increase their sales and key marketing metrics, which in turn can drive business performance. Add into this the ability for Users to gain yield from their Cashback and a unique tri-sided proposition is created.

This tri-sided proposition is supported by the network effects inherent in the business model in which a growing User base supports the value proposition for Merchant Partners and vice versa.

Number of Merchant Partners – Through Affiliate Networks, OODLZ has the ability to offer over 10,000 Merchant Partners worldwide, which is critical in delivering its tri-sided value proposition as well as leveraging the network effects unlocked by this scale.

Building a large network of Users and Merchant Partners requires substantial financial and time investment.

Structural tailwinds – OODLZ is favourably exposed to several structural tailwinds, including long-term growth in online retail sales. Most retail consumers are feeling the pressures of increased interest rates and cost of living and as such these markets continue to be under-penetrated in both e-commerce and the cashback category.

Consumer trends – OODLZ believes that its value proposition is increasing in relevance alongside key consumer trends. In particular, cost-consciousness has been growing with the rise of e-commerce and search engine marketing which facilitates more transparent price comparability and has, in OODLZ’ view, increased during the post-COVID-19 economic climate.

Additionally, it is the opinion of OODLZ that customers are increasingly seeking simplicity, including seamless shopping and more curated experiences, in a world of increasing and overwhelming choice. OODLZ’ proposition enables Users to save more when shopping with the brands they love, with minimal effort and increasing personalisation.

Technological platform – enables easy integration to any Affiliate Network. OODLZ has built internal competencies and technology capabilities, which facilitates integration with Merchant Partners and the onboarding of new Users, allowing OODLZ to efficiently scale its existing operations.

The performance-based nature of Commission – OODLZ believes that the performance-based nature of Cashback is a key attraction for Merchant Partners relative to other forms of marketing spend.

Customer service excellence – OODLZ is small and agile and as such has to be (and should always be) customer-centric in nature. This is key to retain and grow Users and therefore Merchant Partners.

Globally operated – OODLZ believes our global operation team and investor base drives the one people, one world narrative as best as it can. We also recognize that to achieve best in class service for domestic products and services requires domestic resources who live and breath the local products and services every day which is why our key User and Merchant Support agents will be locally based in the regions we operate.

Access to data – OODLZ will have access to large datasets of consumer activity from its Users. OODLZ has the ability to use this data to personalise the shopping experience for Users and assist Merchant Partners in their goal of driving increased sales and realising improved returns on their advertising spend.

Product development and innovation – OODLZ has a track record of investing and innovating its product offering in order to meet evolving Merchant Partner and Member needs. OODLZ has launched its first three base products (App, Web & Browser Assistants) upon its launch late Jan 2023.

OODLZ sees these products as the base line offering where by future product and innovation starts here, see our road-map to see what we are building out in 2023 and 2024.

First-mover advantage – OODLZ is not a first mover in the cashback industry nor the crypto-cashback industry. However where we firmly differentiate and have created a first mover advantage is our business model is not driven by Cashback but by DeFi solutions as a value-add to the cashback offering. OODLZ considers that it has a competitive advantage to acquiring Merchant Partners and Users, and capturing an increasing share of the cashback markets in which it operates.

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