Tokenomics (Post Audit)

We will be creating a multi-utility token, $OODLZ, which we will use primarily to create added incentive to shop via OODLZ and all your cash, back.
Our team used all the great feedback and direction provided by the Tokenomics DAO Audit to structure our tokenomics in the following manner, we hope you love it as much as us.

Total supply

The total max supply of 1b is fine since the value does not impact the overall emission mechanism. The token mint will have total supply = max supply which should give stakeholders confidence that the project owner cannot arbitrarily change the overall supply.

Initial circulating supply

Our TGE will have 30% unlocked at TGE ensuring less selling pressure over time.
Fair token distribution
We have followed best practices to ensure balanced distribution such as:
  • Private allocation is smaller than public's.
  • Team allocation is slightly higher than investors' to keep control of the supply.
  • Treasury allocation of more than 10% ensures the project's long-term viability.
  • Allocating 15% to incentive rewards as per base benchmark. *Note we already allocated 10% to airdrop so this is actually 25% so very healthy.
  • Liquidity supply is exactly half of the total sale allocation to ensure high market depth and minimise price impact on trades.

Float liquidity supply

We have allocated 50% of the allocated liquidity tokens (10%) at TGE to ensure market depth and to try reduce any slippage. We will change the TGE allocation from 50 - 70% if we have any liquidity concerns prior to TGE. This will allow us to supply liquidity to primary CEX and DEX's which will give users the freedom to exchange the token for other key token pairs such WETH/WBTC/USDC/USDT/DAI.

Vesting schedules

Vested and Locked tokens will be managed by a 3rd party token provider such as Blockius or Team Finance to ensure security and transparency.
The vesting scheduling and cliffs follow the below best practices.
  • Team & Advisors cliff > Investors.
  • Team & Advisors vesting > 1.5* Investors vesting.

Community rewards

We have set this above the market average to ensure we can provide ample incentives over the years to drive usage.

Airdrop supply

The airdrop supply is based on usage and will be auto-staked like any user that generates $OODLZ tokens as a bonus with their cashback from purchases. Surplus Airdrop tokens not allocated or eligible will be simply sent back to the community rewards pool to ensure users always benefit from these tokens. :)

Inflation rate

Our new inflation rate is PENDING REVIEW. You can see our emission schedule below.

Demand drivers

$OODLZ demand drivers can vary allot based on Market Sentiment, Partnerships and Integrations, Market Conditions, Exchange Listings and more. That said we can try control the Use Case and Utility. Below are the three biggest User Cases for our token.
1.Cashback Staking Rewards >10% of all user cashback is converted to $OODLZ and auto-staked in their OODLZ App. >Users cannot withdraw their cashback generated $OODLZ for 20 days. *This gives the user time to see their cashback grow and detracts them from a quick withdraw.
2.Cashback Stake >Users can see how much their $OODLZ generates from their cashback and may choose to buy and stake more $OODLZ to reap the rewards.
3.Yield Returns >The OODLZ Earn product is available to anyone however the more $OODLZ staked, the greater the yield returns. We have made the max return level of $OODLZ staked as we want all users to be benefit.