How we plan on bringing our token and earn products to life.


We are looking to create an adaptive utility and rewards token (OODL) as an added reward to any cashback users receive from their spend.

We are working with tokenomics professionals to ensure we get this right! The OODLZ token needs to benefit users on launch and for the applications entire lifecycle. The below may change between now and the private sale offering.

See our Tokenomics page in this section to see the token allocation, emissions and vesting schedules for the proposed OODLZ token.


The OODLZ Earn product will be the first of its kind in that no other cashback application allows its users to invest their cashback into DeFi portfolios that generate yield which can then be used to buy more products and services. Or just save for those new shoes you dreamt about.

Our team will not be developing or inventing anything new when it comes to the actual DeFi technology. Reason is we simply do not have the experience, skill or resources and nor do we want to. We will be outsourcing all of this product to a third party we believe is the worlds best.

So who is this third party and what are the core requirements we must have to ensure maximum safety and security. The who, we are working on this right now. The what, see below a list of must-haves, we think.

  1. No user funds to sit outside of a smart contract for more than 1 minute. This allows enough time for our users funds to move from our vault to the third party vault and into the smart contracts that allow for the yield. It also reduces the window for losing funds to a nasty-pasty as they would only sit outside the world of an audited smart contract for the time it takes to add it. We love this as it will hopefully mitigate most security concerns of any users and look after mum and pops money.

  2. Proven track record. This one should be self-explanatory.

  3. Team A world class team that specializes in finance, DeFi and AI finance modelling. We want the best looking after our clients money.

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